Hazed N Tazed

by Retirement Home

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released October 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Retirement Home Austin, Texas


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Track Name: Get it Over With
I watched you pace the shoreline
I watched you waste all our time
A Caravan, a caravan
Where are you going man
I hope you finally understand this wasn't part of the plan
I drew you dead in the sand
With my head in my hands
A polaroid, a polaroid
What did they tell ya boy
You know you'll fucking make the news with the lives you destroyed

I watched you jump from the highest ledge
I held on tight to our promises
( I think that you've had enough)
Track Name: Smoking Buddies
Another Friday night, or is it Tuesday?
I've kept a steady pace with myself
I'll eat away my high, but on my own time
A blatant disregard for my health

You slammed my head in the back of the truck bed
Good thing I bought blow, I'll keep my voice low
We kept the sheets tied tight over the strangers head
Make sure they don't know
Turn the music down, when he goes into the ground
We dropped his body off right outside of our town
You kept your smokes in the pocket closest to your chest
To feel your heartbeat against something that's dead

I was too drunk this was an accident
I was too high this was an accident
We're all so fucked this was an accident
(they're gonna find us out, they're right behind us now)